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Month: May 2016

Marvel: Contest of Champions Cheats plus Hack

unnamedWe’ll be going over how to use the hack available for this game – a hidden way to cheat that some of you may have heard of.
This game is based on Marvel’s comic by the same name, from 1982.
I know you’re excited about just how cool this game is, and good! You really should be, and in fact, I’m going to enhance your gameplay with marvel contest of champions hacking.
Let’s start with the basics :
Marvel’s Contest of Champions gives you standard button-mashing controls and the abilities to block or dodge. Your champion however, doesn’t get healed between battles, so you’ll want to defend yourself as much as possible. Conserve your life so that you may live to fight another day in this epic universe Marvel has nicely assembled for us.
In this game, you’ll work towards assembling your team of heroes, working your way through the ranks and earning money, units, and ISO8. You can then use these things to get new heroes for your all-star team. But it seriously would take way too long to earn enough money to buy decent upgrades to your team. So what do we do?marvel-contest-of-champions-hack
Now the Fun PartThe best part of this whole system, is that you can skip the hard work and just download our most recent Hack that allows you to add money, units, and ISO8 to your account with just a few button-clicks.
Step 1: Download and install the Hack to the mobile device you play Marvel’s CoC on.Step 2: Select the kind of device you’re using, between iOS devices or Android. Step 3: Enter the quantity of money, units, and ISO8 that you’d like to see added to your account.Now You’re Done!
Enjoy Unlocking Any Character You Want!Why spend all of your time slaving away with the default characters? Unlock your favorite ones today!

Note: This Hack requires iOS users to be updated to version 7.0 or newer.

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